WD My book 4TB Lifespan

How Long would my book external HDD last if not used and stored in a good environment. My Book Essential Edition 4 TB Hard Drives ( WDBACW0040HBK) If we stored 3.5 TB of data on it once then store the drive in a safe place, How many years your product will last? Let’s say I need those 3.5 TB for my grandchildren, Every How many years I need to renew and transfer the data from the old HDD to a new 1 with 100% error free?


Unfortunately, there’s no way for anybody to know what’s the lifespan of a drive that is not being used. However, the best way for you to have your files saved is to have a real backup (At least two copies of your files )

Sorry didn’t mention I’m using the rule of 3 to backup.

Let me clear my question!
What is the safest period to renew a wd mybook hdd before it develops errors because of time???

Btw, These WD HDDs are stored in a dark dry place (hdd friendly environment)

More information on rule of 3


We don’t have any information written that tells us or anyone the time that the drive will survive.

As a recommendation, check the drive every 6 months to make sure that your information is safe.

Now in my own experience. I have two portable drives one is 3 years old and the other one is 2 and they are working great and I use then basically everyday.

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