WD My Book 3TB USB 3.0 - Just isn't working well with my media player (Dune HD)

I’m ready to throw this thing at the wall.

So my media player is a DUNE HD, it has been 100% flawless until I got this new harddrive. I use a program called yaDIS to scrape and sort my movies and it was all working brilliantly. It still works flawlessly with my 2 other USB 2.0 harddrives.

Now, I tried to do the exact same setup with my new 3TB that was perfect with my other harddrives. But the first thing I noticed is that yaDIS just doesn’t boot when I put it on this harddrive. Nada. Same program boots perfectly on my USB 2.0 WD elements harddrives.

Even though that frustrates the **bleep** out of me that yaDIS doesn’t work anymore, I can get around it. But now I’m getting ‘format not supported’ with my media player when I try to play any new MKV files that are copied over (All the ones that were copied about 3 weeks ago work, but the new files I copy NOW don’t work now).

Nothing has changed, I can assure you the MKV files are in working order, just tested on my 1TB USB 2.0 and the files are fine.

Now it maybe could be my media player (just doesn’t like USB 3.0 harddrives?) or WD has done something to these new gen harddrives and locked them down so they don’t work with media players.

Has anyone experienced the same issue? How can I get around this?

As far as I know WD havent change anything on the drives and they are plug and play devices…

as you said, it might be the media player that doesn’t like a 3TB or 3.0 USB