WD My Book 3TB BSOD? Plz help

Ive have a WD My Book essential 3TB & now suddenly it causes BSOD when plugging in either USB3 or USB2ports. The only way to acess it is keep it plugged in before turning on PC, than wait for windows to load up.

Im using vista 32bit & have the GA-P55-USB3 rev2.0 mobo. Please help me fix it. thank you.

BSOD means there is a hardware/software conflict, if it didn’t happen before then something has changed on your computer. What programs have you installed since the problem started or what updates were made? Also check the USB cable since a bad cable can cause that.

Nothing has changed on my system, it just started happenening. I have been using these for a while & im at a loss to whats causing it. At fisrt I did virus scan on startup & malaware scan with certain programs, but found no problems.

And ive got a few of these drives, & all cables are perfect, they work fine on other comp.

What if you boot on safe mode? If you don’t get a BSOD on safe mode then there’s a conflict somewhere, if you do get then the drive could be going bad.

Try to re-install the drivers (SES drivers from WD’s site) as well.

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It too happens in safe mode. But its both drives, so I suspect my motherboard.

What if you try a System Restore to a week ago and see how it goes just in case?

already tried several previous dates, no luck.

Then last thing to check is another computer, even though you suspect the MoBo…