WD My Book 3 TB Can't see my Data Drive

Every time I try to use the File selection or catagory selection options for a back-up on my Data drive, I get a message popping up saying “The System Cannot Find The Path Specified. (Exception From HResult: 0x80070003)” It will not allow me to enable a backup.

What I have done. I erased the WD My Book drive, Downloaded the latest software and installed it after uninstalling the old software. Ran Setup and it still does this. What can I do?


What backup software are you using?

What’s the OS of your computer? Is your computer up to date?

I’m using WD Smartware and the OS is Windows 10. The computer is fully updated.

I have similar issue. Not exactly the same. WD Software does not show my 2 separate 3Tb WD external drives as available for back ups. Only gives me the option for Dropbox as a backup location… that will not work.

I ended up going online, getting their telephone number and calling for technical help. They started an online
session with me and I allowed the tech to take over my computer. In just a couple of minutes he had the problem solved. You might want to try that.