WD My Book 2TB USB 3.0 and true crypt .tc files not being backed up with WD Smartware

I have experienced a number of backup problems with WD Smartware. So I finally uninstalled WD Smartware and deleted the WD Smartware.swstor backup file (over 1TB of files) from My Book 2TB USB 3.0 drive. I have reinstalled WD Smartware 2.1.0 and setup File Backup - frequency set to continuous backup - Selecting the Backup tab I have highlighted “My Pictures”, “Documents” and “Music” and ticked on my True Crypt .tc file.

The initial backup worked fine, I can see my files and my True Crypt file in My Book/WD Smartware swstor.

I have since mounted the true crypt volume and edited a file and demounted the true crypt file. The datestamp on the true crypt .tc file changed. In WD Smartware Backup I can see the true crypt file with the new date stamp but the .tc file never gets backed up by WD Smartware. I have rebooted and checked several hours later and still the True Crypt file has not been backed up…

Any ideas please.

ASUS i7 Win7 x64.


This type of file are not fully supported by Smartware. Check the user guide below with all the fully compatible files types with the latest version of Smartware.


Thank you for your reply however I do not understand why .tc true crypt files are not fully supported by WD Smartware. A file backup program should backup files… or maybe WD should point out to consumers that they should not trust the WD Smartware backup program.

In my opinion this is a major exposure, which needs fixing asap


btw the reason I had to delete WD*.swstor was because the WD Smartware database was out of sync with the actual files stored in swstor, due to the fact that I have reinstalled WD Smartware on several occasions. Maybe a utility program to rebuild the database from the swstor archive is also needed.

Also how about a utility to analyze what files are in the WD*.swstor against the actual files on the computer is also required.

I am not impressed with WD Smartware functionality.