WD My book 2tb blinking not recognised after connecting with WD TV Live


I bought a WD My book 2TB external hard drive earlier this year. it’s been working great, until this evening when i connected it with the new WD TV Live i purchased yesterday.

When setting up the WD TV it downloaded new firmware/software to run.  It took a while re started, loaded, re started.  It then told me there were no files to find on my external hard drive.

I’ve now plugged my  My book into my macbook and it no longer recognises it and the light on the My book slowly flashes

is there anything i can do or have i lost if for ever?

Not so sparkly now


Phew! I left it for a while and it is all back.  Not sure what happened there…definitely a load off my mind tho :slight_smile:

The solution (not exactly elegant, but it works):