WD My Book 2 TB & PS3

Hello all , first time here. I purchased a WD 2 TB External  WDBAAJ0020HSL-NESN. After some time I eventually got it formatted /Windows 7/ 86. All I want this unit for is to play / show movies / photos via PS3. I had a 500g hard drive for the same purpose but decided to get the WD unit. After transferring all the data from the 500g to the WD, I plugged into the PS3 and it did not recognize it. ( unknown usb device detected) My Grandkids are not going to be happy next time they visit as they loved the movies I had for them. If this helps , the 500G was formatted with Win.XP and had no prob.

Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks the Ump:smileyvery-happy:

Well for a start I think it needs to be formatted FAT32 for PS3. I don’t know how large a partition you can use.


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Thanks for the help Joe_S

Here’s an update, used Acronis True Image Home 2011 and formatted the drive to FAT32. Took about 90 seconds to complete and presto chango PS3 recognized the drive. So the grandkids can enjoy their fav. movies now.

Cheers …the Ump…:smileyvery-happy: