WD My Book 1230 disconnecting when trasferring lots of or large files

I have a WD My Book 1230 which I’ve been using for years successfully in another computer. Then I moved to a desktop which is pretty modern, but frequently an error occurs related to “not being migrated” in Windows 10 logs (the previous computer had Win10 as well). It seems like when the HD gets a lot of file transfers the USB interface kind of looses itself and disconnects, the error “not migrated” gets logged, the HD vanishes from Explorer and as such everything stops working. I have to physically disconnect the HD (either supply cable or USB cable) and connect it again, even shutting down the PC does not work. It also seems to happen only on USB 3, since I couldn’t reproduce the error when connected to USB 2, but as you know the USB 2 speed is WAY too low compared to USB 3, it takes several additional hours to copy/move big backup files.
Is there a solution for this?

Wrong product subforum. The following subforum may be more appropriate.


The My Cloud subforum generally discusses the single bay/single drive My Cloud device, which is not a USB hard drive, rather a network attached storage (NAS) device.