WD My Book 1140 Media 1TB says "SMART Status: Not Supported" and will not mount

I’ve just moved and have now unpacked my external hard drive, a WD My Book 1140 Media. I have used this product for approximately 6 months prior to the move (with a month or two of no use over the summer) without issue, and have important files on it (Don’t we all?). I have only ever used it with my Macbook, a 2008 MacBook 5.2

I plugged it in with the hopes of accessing some of the information on the hard drive and received the error " The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer" with options to initialize (do to Disk Utility), Ignore, or Eject. I entered into disk utility and when clicking on the product name in the drive selection, was able to see in the information at the bottom of the window that the SMART status reads “not supported”.

Clicking on “disk1s1”, the name of the disk, under mount point it says “Not mounted” and there is no other available information aside from the total capacity (1TB), and partition type (0xEE).

The options in disk utility to Verify Disk, Repair Disk, and their associated permissions are greyed out, and there is no information in the “show details” window.

I’d really like to avoid trying to rebuild the library of information (Pdfs of sheet music) I have on the hard drive, and I’m really hoping I haven’t bricked it.

I have tried the following so far as per other forum answers I have seen here.

  • Power cycled the Hard drive

  • Power cycled the Laptop.

I don’t have another usb cord to try, and I don’t have another computer to connect it to here (pc or mac), though I might be able to do so at school. The HD is drawing power from a power bar, but I don’t see how plugging it directly into a wall would modify its performance (someone will have to explain that one to me).

I thank you in advance for any help you can give me.


Has the OS been upgrade recently?

Does the drive works with a different computer?


Make sure that the drive is connected to the wall outlet. Also you might need to test the drive on a different computer.