WD Music Player not displaying album art for all songs


When I play any of my music files, the album art is not displayed for some of the tracks.

I have checked via the album stored on the WD drive and all the tracks have the album art tagged.

Am I missing something?




Do you use a “folder.jpg” file for artwork? If so, I’d rather recommend directly embedding the album art into the songs.



Thanks for your reply. I have tagged each track with the album art either via itunes or media monkey. When I transferred the files to my WD, it automatically added the album art.jpg to the album folder, not as a seperate folder but within the folder alnong with the tracks.

I can select any track on the WD drive and see it has album art associated with it. However when I play the album or create a playlist, the little icon in the top left of the player sometimes displays the artwork and sometimes doesn’t.

It is the same tracks everytime. Not sure why



Just joined the forum …

I have exactly the same problem - some of my music tracks not displaying album art.

All the album art is embedded into the MP3/FLAC files (using Mp3Tag) and even after a complete rebuild of the database, they are still not visible. I have tried deleting and re-writing the albums but still no success.

Does anyone have an answer to this problem?

Bumping this up to see if there is an answer.

On my My Cloud app, I can see the artwork for music files as thumbnails on the left hand side of the screen, but in the main display porttion of the screen, the artwork will not display.  It has displayed in the past, but will not now.   Any suggestions?

I don’t embed artwork in tracks. I keep it as a file called ‘folder.jpg’ in the same folder as the tracks.

I used to have it called ‘front_cover.jpg’ (with a matching ‘back_cover.jpg’), which was fine for MediaMonkey, but Twonky seems to only see ‘folder.jpg’.

Also, check to see which Media Receiver Type your device is set to under the Twonky UI.  See my FAQ:


Thank you cpt_paranoia.  All of my artwork is embedded into the music files, and to be honest, I’d have no idea how to un-embed it!  I have 200 GB of music, so even if I could un-embed the artwork, it seems it would be a herculean task. Sigh. Crossing my fingers for another response.  Thanks again!  :)        

There’s a brilliant plugin for MediaMonkey, called AlbumArtTagger, that will extract artwork from tags, amongst many other artwork tagging functions. It will process an entire library in one go. I’ve used it for a number of functions on my entire library.

200GB? Call me when you have 2TB, and we’ll talk… ;-). I have ~63k tracks.

PS. MediaMonkey is Windows only. I notice you have an iPad, so I’m not sure if you have a Windows machine available to access your library. Also, I never use the WD apps to access anything on my MyCloud. All local access is done via mapped drives under a file browser, or DLNA access under a media player app. I don’t use remote access because of the security vulnerabilities.

This has been bugging me for months too!  I’m very deligent about attaching proper artwork to each album or song in my iTunes library before dragging it to my WDMyCLoud.  I always double check to see the artwork always shows up in the thumbnails but when I go to play music through my phone sometimes artwork shows up, sometimes it doesn’t.  

By the way  dtp2000, Donna Summer “MacArthur Park” is my all time favorite song :wink: