WD Mt Cloud PR4100

Wd my cloud PR 4100 when configured for POWER SCHEDULE WILL NOT SHUT OFF getting hung on Shutting down. There is no support, tried getting someone to help, no luck. I will give WD another 10 days, then i will return the product since it is not working as advertised as for the power schedule issue. My WD EX2 does work with some apps. No apps installed as of yet on the newer PR-4100.

Another issue this unit has if you power off and back on, it may give you an invalid IP address, the only way it gets a valid IP if you reset the Ethernet cable after unit is powered back up.
Anyone have a solution, let me know soon.


This forum is for the “My Cloud Home”, can I suggest you repost in


you might have more responses :0)

What do you think I am doing