WD Monitor Freezes/Hangs

I have a DS6100.

When I run the WD Monitor from the Dashboard, about 35% of the time it hangs for 5-10 minutes. It just locks up and freezes, then it also freezes the entire Dashboard.   Everything just says: “Gathering Information”.

Any suggestions for what causes this, and how to fix it?  Occasionally I end up rebootting the server, because it seems stuck forever.

Not really.  We have seen some issues on the DX4000. Gathering Info was slow then incomplete.  Curious though if you changed that NIC reg key back to error state, does it do “normal”



Thx Gramps, I appreciate you helping.

It has always done this, that is the monitor hangs.  I did a complete reinstall late last week, it did it before and now it is doing it again.  I’m stumped.  It is probably nothing serious, but it is enough to annoy me :wink:

I have made a support request, let’s see if they have any thoughts.  Their initial suggestion was to reload the monitor software, I may try that I guess it cannot hurt anything.

It did it after a rebuild ?

Just how do they propose you reload the monitor software?  Files in C;\wd ?

They didn’t offer how to reload Monitor, I had already told them I was running the latest version.

“I’m sorry for the continued issues, in this case we recommend to apply all Windows Server updates for the WD Sentinel and also update the dashboard. If the issue persist and the Dashboard is still freezing then you might need to do a Recovery to remove any bugs from your the System…”

Next email said, woops we meant the Monitor, not the Dashboard:

“Once inside the dashboard, you would go to Monitor and select the Software Updates tab. There you would apply any updates if needed…”