WD missleading people

The maunual for WD My Cloud states Requirements include:  WD My Cloud personal cloud storage device connected to the Internet  Your WDMyCloud.com email address and password or a mobile device access code generated by your WD My Cloud device  Android devices—Most tablets and smart phones with OS 2.1 or later  iOS devices - WD Photos—iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with OS 4.x or later - WD My Cloud —iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad OS 5.x or later

WRONG, itunes says ios 7, so not I have a storage device that I can not access… why oh why do not WD leave old versions of their apps available, and yes apple do allow now. Thik its a return to shop and try for a refund unless anyone has any other options.

I agree – WD has been making this error, dispite constant feedback, for several years now.

Looks like its wipe drive and try for a refund…

Well it does look like their tech support knows very little… As about ios remote app and get this rubbish

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support.  My name is [[DELETED]].

We apologize for the delay in the response to your inquiry. In regards to your case, if you are unable to access the drive remotely from your mobile device, I am going to give you a few steps to try.

Please reset the drive by following the instructions below.

1.With the device powered on, insert a paper clip or narrow-tipped pen into the reset  button slot on the back of the unit: 

  1. Press and hold down the reset button for four seconds. The device reboots (this may take up to three minutes) 

Once the drive is back on, make sure " Remote Access" is enabled.

You can set a static IP and enable port forwarding for the My Book Live.

Please the links below for more instructions

How to configure a My Cloud or My Cloud EX4 drive with a Static IP


How to access files on a My Cloud using the My Cloud Mobile App 


How to install the My Cloud Mobile App on Android or iOS


How to enable port forwarding on a network router for use with a WD My Cloud, My Book Live, or My Book Live Duo



You can try to uninstall and reinstall the application and try again.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.

Western Digital Service and Support

I know this is old but I thought I’d provide some clarification. Apple doesn’t allow older versions of ios apps to stay on the store. When an app creator update their app, Apple requires them to update for the latest version of ios, and all older users be damned. It’s the same with many others, even Chromecast has these false advertisements for ios 5 thanks to apple.

Apple DOES allow older versions. I have an old iPod that has been able to download older versions. It’s up to the app developer to set the policy, not Apple.

I use an older version of iTunes, too. I have no problems, because I do not access the actual iTunes program to stream my media. I have a copy of the iTunes Media folder on my My Cloud that I update periodically, and that is what I access. Seems a silly reason to return a My Cloud where there is an easy workaround.

Mike27oct, sorry Mike you are barking up the wrong tree, it’s not itunes that is the problem, its IOS. If you have an older apple device say ipod touch that will not upgrade to the latest IOS then you can not use the ipod touch with the My Cloud app. The MyCloud app only supports the latest apple IOS

My friend, if you think I am “barking up the wrong tree”, then I know you are “lost in the woods”, and I’ll tell you why. It’s that you “did not get” what I was saying, so pay close attention. I am only going over this one more time to help you out so you can listen to your iTunes music; even if you have an old iOS or device getting in your way and preventing you from doing so.

Do you know what the iTunes Media folder is and what it is for? Maybe not, so I will tell you. It is the folder where the iTunes program stores all you music, videos, etc, that are cataloged in your iTunes database. It is full of music albums by artist with music tracks inside that you do not need the iTunes program for or even running, to listen to. On a PC, you can click on any file in folder to play q track; likely so on a Mac, too, but I don’t have a computer called Mac to find out for sure.

As an extreme example, meaning using an old iPad 1 with iOS 5 on it, I can play any of the music in my iTunes Media folder (including music I added a moment ago). All I need is a music access/playing app on iPad that can access the My Cloud on my network and play from the folder, because I have a COPY of my iTunes Media folder stored on the My Cloud. Some people even direct the iTunes program to save the iTunes Media folder on their My Cloud instead of in the iTunes folder of their computer. You could, too.

Although this ensures an up to date media folder to listen to, I consider it too risky since it is the one and only “original” copy of iTunes Media that gets touched by iTunes program, and I do not want it damaged in any way, so I always make a copy of folder and put the copy wherever I want; like on My Cloud, a wireless drive or any other places I want access to it. I could even give it to someone to put on their PC or My Cloud, and they could play my music collection – even if they do not have the iTunes program, because it is just music files inside the folder!

The only drawback is I need to keep my folder copies up to date, and I do.

So, quit your griping about iOS versions and WD and copy your iTunes Media folder to your My Cloud and start enjoying your music on any device that can access your My Cloud.

So what app are you using on an old ipad 1 to access your WD Mycloud when away from home and will this also allow you to get at documents.

Never use iPad 1, it’s obsolete (instead use a gen3 iPad), BUT kids do use it; to watch videos from My Cloud at home using File Browser app. Do not have an app on the iPad 1 for remote access, File Browser can be set up for remote access, just never set it up for that. I use My Cloud app or one for my Asus router that accesses complete home network devices, at home and remotely. It is called AiCloud. I mostly just access media files only remotely and not document files.

Anyway, did you put the iTunes Media folder on your My Cloud yet?

This is exactly the point I was making. There was an WD app that allowed remote access of the Mycloud. BUT it has been pulled and replaced by one that needs min ios7. I returned it for a refund and bought a synology that supports earlier ios and android.

Your “problem” is solved then. Good luck with it.