WD mirror does not display on the network for some users

We are a group of 16 people that share files on a project and acquired a WD Mycloud mirror for this purpose. We connected it to a wireless router. We have different machines and O/S’s. Most of the machines can connect to the public share, but some of the machines do not display the WDMYCLOUDMIRROR. No one is accessing remotely - all local in close proximity. Everyone can connect to the wireless router even those that cant connect to the drive. The drive however

shows up as WDC.PNGas opposed to WDC1.PNG

By clicking on it the web interface is entered.

Is it a setting on the specific laptop. in the router? 13 of us can connect as in my 2nd image

Please help. Thanks in advance.



Make sure all the computers are part of the same Workgroup.

Thanks Hamlet. I will check tomorrow (it is now night here) and feed back.