WD Mirror cannot be accessed through a browser

I recently bought the WD Mirror 6Tb to both back up my pictures and to access them from “anywhere”.

To my huge disappointment, this device (the only from WD Live?) can not be accessed from https://www.wd2go.com/, i.e through a normal web browser

So to access the data, you MUST download an app.

I am using computers where downloading an app is not practical and/or allowed (for instance at my workplace) so my Mirror is now just a very expensive simple harddrive.

I really hope WD will fix this in the next firmware update.

In my view, accessing the harddrive through the web browser is the most practical and secure way. Dropbox is in my view excellent to use through the browser.

If you don’t want to use an app, you’ll probably have to have remote access into your network set up on your router and then port-forward from that to the SMB port on the Mirror. But that is something of a kludgy way of doing things.

Is there any mileage in going via www.wdmycloud.com for what you’re trying to do? I’m travelling at the moment so can’t check what options are on offer there (and indeed if it’s any different from www.wd2go.com).

Thx for your quick reply!

Okey, that seems complicated. I am a pretty basic user and I guess the WD-page is for users like me…

No, you only get re-directed to wd2go.com

It is definitely a more advanced player type of set-up, and one that would probably bring all sorts of other security issues as well if it did work.

You may be better posting the idea into the personal cloud ideas section here to see if it’s something that other people would want and that could be implemented. The apps themselves do work reasonably well, but you are correct that there are scenarios where they are not usable (although arguably in those kind of scenarios often access to cloud storage is blocked as well, as I have here at work hence why I couldn’t confirm if the mycloud website redirected to the wd2go one).

Thanks again for your insigth.

I will try to post it there as well. I have both e-mailed and spoken with WD support and they could not promise access through wd2go.com.

Hopefully, if more of the WD Mirror users requests this functionality, WD will do something about it.

Users on out-of-home computers for instance at a friends house, an internet cafe, at work etc. should really benefit from the wd2go.com solution.

My job allows Dropbox.com access, but not downloading WD apps.

What is the app that is asking to be installed? If it is JAVA, then it is working as intented as WD2go requires a JAVA plugin with all devices.


After a few button pushes it takes you to the learning centre download page, where you are offered the MyCloud desktop or mobile apps, plus the WD photo app, the initial set-up app and the quickview/smartware apps. Basically WD2Go is just a further referral link onto the learning centre at the moment via the button pushing.

What the OP is after is a web-based file explorer style window for navigating the files and folders on the MyCloud Mirror itself over the internet after a secure log-in. That sort of file explorer would indeed be a good addition to the MyCloud Mirror’s dashboard software, and if that was implemented it could then be linked to the web portals perhaps to make it more standardised across the different access routes.

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kristoffer82 wrote:


In my view, accessing the harddrive through the web browser is the most practical and secure way. Dropbox is in my view excellent to use through the browser.


Have you looked into the web file viewer app in the dashboard? You should read this post (and though it if for EX2 the instructions should be nearly identitcal for the Mirror) ->  http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud-EX2/Web-Access-using-browser-only/m-p/713316#M226

But please understand this fact of life - that something that makes things easier to use, hides a lot of complexity underneath it. So if web access to your files is important, the method outlined in the link above lets you do that. But it does require wading into port forwarding - which though is a simple process is not straightforward to the uninitiated. So if you’re willing to tackle the small challenge of those complexity, you will be able to reap the benefits of a simple browser-only access to your files, no apps required. I have not tried it myself. I prefer a simpler approach…but one that doesn’t involve a browser to access.

You could alternately look at using WebDAV to access your files. You will have to do some research yourself about what WebDAV is but it lets you map shares on the Mirror over the Internet as if they were local network drives. Windows already has WebDAV client built-in, so again you won’t need to install any extra software…assuming you are using Windows. But keep this info in mind if you want to use a secure (i.e. encrypted) connection for WebDAV ->  http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud-EX2/Secure-WEBDAV/m-p/769633#M848