I bought the WD Mini Tv media player a few days ago, but hit the first hurdle even getting the player to detect my Freecom external hard drive!!! A message says: ‘Unrecognised USB device.’ I had no problems with the HD, as my desktop and laptop detects it fine.

I have seen on WD website that the only HDD that they officially endorse are mainly the WD HDD or a few Seagate HDD. Does this mean the player is suspect to become unusable? Am I the only unlucky person? or have anyone else suffered the same fate?

I have already tried reformated my HDD and changed NTFS and FAT/FAT32 etc, but still no good. Do anyone out there have any suggestions or solutions. The obvious one is to get a new WD HDD, but just incase there is other solutions…


Hi legobits,

do you know which version of firmware you are on?  go to system then about.   If its not 1.00.60 then you need to update

here’s the link:


it might be a compatibility issue.   are you directly connecting it or are you connecting to a hub.  make sure that you have a good power source (plug your external to a wall outlet) and try it again if you did not need the update or if the issue continues after the update