WD mini media player AVI/Xvid compression support


      Does the mini media player support the Xvid compression setting Simple Advanced@L5?

Every time I try and play an avi file with this compression setting, the video has a refresh problem. It will stay on one frame for about 3 seconds.

I contacted WD with my question and they were no help at all.



I can look and see if I can find an answer for you, but I don’t have a Mini myself to test various video streams on.

Maybe someone else might pop along, while I’m digging through specs, who can help you better.

Sorry… I can find all kinds of specs on codecs for all the Sigma Designs chips used in the other WDTV boxes, but I’m finding very little on the Amlogic 8613 in the WDTV Mini, and what I am finding is almost all in Mandarin or Cantonese… Google Translate doesn’t seem to be spitting out any codec info.

I guess you’ll have to wait and see if another Mini user can answer your question, or if someone else shows up who knows the answer.

Thanks for the effort! I appreciate it. I suspect that the mini just does not support that kind of compression. I have read other posts about the WD TV product and it seems to support Advanced Simple@L5. Not sure on the hardware differences though. I would imagine it would be significantly different.


You’re welcome… sorry I couldn’t be more help.

But you’re right… the WDTV HD, the WDTV Live and the WDTV Live Plus use a different family of chips than what’s in the Mini.  So, what they can do isn’t applicable to the Mini.

It appears as if the Mini was designed around the Amlogic 8613 because the Sigma chip in the WDTV  HD Gen1 didn’t support .rmvb, to satisfy those wanting an .rmvb player.