WD Memeo Backup Anywhere Premium & Windows 8


  1. What is WD’s stance on making WD Backup Anywhere Premium (MEMEO) compatible with Window 8?  By this is meant fully operational and not via any workarounds that have been posted in various forums.,
  2. Windows 8 has been available for months, hence the question.
  3. So far, there is no clue anywhere (WD’s site and Memeo’s site) as to the roadmap for the product.
  4. Is WD abandoning WD Backup Anywhere Premium (MEMEO)?

Candidly, this is serious stuff!


A reply is awaited and deserved by all.



Unfortunately this type of information is not disclosed to the public for marketing reasons.

We recommend to keep checking the WD website for future announcements.

Thank you for reaching out to us for support on your WD product.

While there are no plans to make WD Anywhere Backup compatible with Windows 8, we will soon have a Windows 8 solution for WD Anywhere Backup Premium customers. WD will be releasing SmartwarePro 2.0 in a few weeks that will be backwards compatible with your product as well as support Windows 8. WD will offer complimentary upgrades to Smartware Pro 2.0 for Windows 8 customers that purchased WD Anywhere Backup Premium. Please call our toll-free technical support for more details. 

[Edit - 11/11/13]

Please keep in mind that SmartWare Pro is not compatible with NAS.

Thanks you for the reply and information.

Can one presume that this offering  shall be compatible with:  MY BOOK STUDIO EDITION II

Yes, it should be compatible with your Studio II.