WD Media Servers

I’m having some serious problems with the MyBook Live Duo Media Server. Does the media server service just ■■■■? At first, I was having a problem with the server not showing me MKV files, but now I just rebuilt the “database” to try and solve my first problem and the server is now reporting I only have 9 videos which is a GROSS understatement. What’s wrong? Is there a way to downgrade my firmware to use the Twonky Media Server? I bought this drive to use as a media server. PLEASE HELP!


You should reload the latest firmware on your MBL manually.

Hi, thanks for the reply… I had the MBL download the latest firmware the first moment I had it plugged in. The problem actually corrected itself somehow, but I’m still stuck with the original problem that the media server doesn’t see or detect MKV file extension.