WD Media Server vs TWONKY

Apologies if this topic might have been discussed in the past.

I have a license for twonky and currently have the default WD Media Server from WD installed as the media server.

2 questions

  1. Which of the two is better and why…WD Media Server or TWONKY?

  2. Can I have the two installed so I can select easily without having to install the fimmware .deb files provided


  1. Twonky and DLNA are the same thing.   DLNA is the “standard,” Twonky is the server/application.

I think you mean to compare WD Media Server versus Twonky Media Server.

I think Twonky works MUCH better than WD’s Media Server.   It’s MUCH faster, MUCH less resource intensive, etc.  But some people have hardware that’s not compatible with Twonky, so they opt for the WD Media Server.

  1. No.

yea, thats what I meant sir …WD Media Server.

which of the two do is more device compatible?


I have no idea.   I only know that Twonky works with 100% of my devices, so I leave it as-is.

which is better, chocolate or vanilla?   :wink:

It all depends on your needs and whether they actually work with all your devices as TonyPh12345 said.

Main difference, WD Media Server is only for WD hardware probably, while Twonky is not hardware dependend.