WD Media Server on MyBookLive - every file in the library is the same


I installed the WD Media Server (not Twonky) on my MyBookLive two months ago and it streams perfectly to my Samsung tv.

However, the files I am sharing on my network from my MyBookLive to my TV are indistinguishable. I.e. I have a folder called: Series\Star Trek\Star Trek Voyager. If I open that, the first file is called: S01E01 - Caretaker. But all the other files in this directory are also called like this!!!

If I log in to the MyBookLive via my computer, I see the files with their correct file names. I’ve refreshed the database, but that made no difference. Anybody have an idea what’s going on here? My best guess would be that the WD Media Server is reading the meta data or something, instead of the file name i provided.

Have you checked the metadata tags?

No I haven’t. But shouldn’t they just be displayed correctly anyway? Every other media server Ive used does (serviio, Vuze, Tversity, PS3server, Plex). Anybody else experiencing this?

I actually also have it with two movies.

I haven’t experienced it.  (I have Voyager, too, btw.) 

Powernout wrote:
No I haven’t. But shouldn’t they just be displayed correctly anyway?

Well, no, not if the metadata inside the file is wrong…

As you can see I am not entirely op top of this discussion, but I have not been able to change the files so they are displayed the way they ought to be. And the more I think about it, the more I believe it’s a bug in WD’s media software. I’ve copied files to different devices and everything is displayed correctly. I’ve used:




and the media player in Vuze

Perhaps I should submit a bug report to WD? If so, can anybody tell me how to do this?