Wd media player

help i have a basic media player with a lead a jack on one end and 3 prong on tother just moved out tried on new tv only get sound and b/w piccie if i plug in one way and colour and no sound if i plug in another way .Tried all variations new tv has 5 plugs red /white /yellow/blue /red. It worked fine on my old tv which just had 3 colours.

Are you using the WD-supplied cable, or some other cable?

Which media player are you talking about?

Generally the yellow plug / socket is video and the red / white are audio. With the WD player you must use the supplied lead.
If you have green/blue/red that is component video input.

I think the OP is trying to plug an RCA cable into any on the TV, and of course, the right cable needs to be plugged into the correct one on the TV.  Suggestion: if this is a new TV, it must have an HDMI input socket, so get one of those cables to connect the audio and video.

Thought of that but is there a cable with a hdmi one end and a 3.5 jack on tother

I am using the lead that came with the unit This unit is the basic media player it has two jack points on back one av and other ypgr or something like that in work at mo.

If you have a new TV you should have one with an HDMI socket, the player also has a HDMI socket so you just connect using a HDMI lead.
If your TV does not have HDMI then it will have a composite video input (yellow) and left / right audio input (white / red). You should have a WD lead with these 3 coloured plugs on, you plug the other end into the AV socket on the player.
You may also have another WD lead with red / green / blue connectors, this is a component video lead which plugs into the other socket on the player and into the component video sockets on the TV. You also have to use the red / white on the AV lead to get sound.

The WDTV also came with a quick-start guide showing you how to hook it up.