WD media player with WD 1TB passport-MKV file problem

I have these two hardware for movie files viewing. Work fine with other files but MKV. It freezes after 10-15 minutes of play and render everything including the remote inoperative. After I unplugged everything and reboot, it will still the same after short period of play and frozen again. Tried numerous time rebooting, updating to latest firmware and a new passport, problem still exitsts.

I tried to play the same MKV file with a USB thumb drive (16GB) and it works fine. Really puzzling. Before I return everything to the store, I am hoping someone can shed some light.

Please help.

Hi, if the files play fine from the USB memory, the problem could be with the hard drive. Maybe some of the files are getting corrupted, so you might want to try to format the hard drive and try to play the .MKV movie again.