WD Media Player suddenly cannot see HDMI2 connection

I know that this product is a legacy one and no longer supported but it has been great and working till now. When I plug the HDMI2 cable into it, it does not come up on the TV screen like normally it did, with “The Menu eg File Manager,Photos etc”. It just stays with WD on the TV screen. It is as if it cannot connect to the media player? Normally at the bottom of the TV screen you get HDMI2 and number… 576… now I get DV what can that mean? I really want to carry on using my Media player can anyone help? Whe I plug it into my computer I see all the files on there and can copy from it to the computer.

Try resetting the WDTV Media Player using a Paper Clip in the Reset Hole

Have no idea, that is strange … 576 usually means resolution (and the lowest you can get), DV usually means “Digital Video” … try resetting as i mentioned above and while you’re at it, try a different input on your TV eg. HDMI 1 … if weirdness ensues, try a different HDMI cable or a different TV