WD Media Player plays files from USB, but not hard drive?

I recently converted a tv series from rmvb. files to avi files in order to watch them on my WD media player, but for some reason when I copied them onto my hard-drive, the media player says it ‘doesn’t support the file type’. Even though every other file on it is an avi. file, and they all play.

However, when I copy an individual episode onto a usb, it will play!

Is there any way to enable it to be played from the hard drive?


Please post the full media info of your converted files, it might be a code issue:



to test  [audio/video] various demos you can use this link :   http://www.demo-world.eu/trailers/high-definition-trailers.php



I have encountered the same issue with  FLAC audio files.  Plays fine from USB drive.  Shows up over the network but get the ‘file type not supported’ message when selected to play.   Anyone have solution/resolution to this?