WD Media player. Photos

I have been using media player for sometime and my photos are displaying great. They are off my Sony a700 dslr cameras via WD passport portable HD Now I’ve bought anew Sony a77 which gives larger size photos, they will not display properly, a line through the top of every photo Just wondering if the size of the photo has a bearing on display quality Thanks Ron

*though* or *above* every photo?

Sorry I mean “through” It’s like a square pattern through the top third of the pic, on smaller size pic it dose not appear. Thanks for your help Ron

Hos large are the photos?

The pic about 12 to 20 mb Thanks for your reply. Ron

I meant the (pixel) dimensions?

6000x4000. Pixels Starting to think that I need to upgrade my player Thanks

Well, keep in mind, too, that’s well beyond the published specs…

2048x2048 is the maximum resolution officially supported.