WD Media player live -strange problem-Doesn't work with Sony Bravia KDL32-4000!

Hi friends, I am new to this community but I browsed the full forum to find my problem and then trying to get a solution here by explaining it below: I bought this player and it was running very well with my Sony Bravia KDL32-4000, suddenly one day the video was gone but audio was ok! Then I checked other inputs and surprisingly component and AV output were working. Only HDMI was not working. I checked in all the 3 HDMI ports of TV but nothing. I thought the fault is in cable then I checked the ports and cables with Philips Blue ray player-Everthing was working flawlessly. Finally I went to the dealer and there he checked the HDMI with his TV and everything was ok! I thought there may be some settings went off but after bringing back problem was same. I also resetted TV as well as WD player but nothing positive. I don’t know what to do! Please help. Thanks

Did you reset the mode back to HDMI on the WDTV?

Yes, I did but no result!


When you checked the Live at the dealer did you use HIS cable or the one you had at home?

If his cable, I’d strongly suspect it’s your cable.

First I used his cable and thought things are resolved! but again after coming to home problem was same. then I went with my cable and there it was working flawlessly! Strange!!! thanks

Okay, the the problem most likely is with HDMI handshaking issues.

Do this – with component or composite to your TV (as well as HDMI) go to HDMI settings in the Live (Audio/Video settings) and choose HDMI but instead of “Auto” (the default) try the highest resolution your TV will support (typically 1080i60hz).  See then if you can see an image via HDMI.

I am sorry but it also didn’t work. When I choose the suggested one. The component goes off for few seconds and then again it starts showing the component one!


Moreover, the HDMI screen doesn’t show anything!

I’m having the exact same problem, on a new install. (Also a Sony Bravia LCD HDTV, though.)

Component video works fine; HDMI won’t go at all.

I know it’s not the cable or the TV HDMI port because a) I’ve tested the cable and port with another AV component and they work fine, and b) if I hook up the WD TV *only* with the HDMI cable, and then power toggle it by unplugging the power and reconnecting, I can get the WD TV splash screen just fine.  Only after that, when the menu comes up, the HDMI signal cuts out and never comes back on.

Like the OP, I’ve tried connecting it by component and HDMI at the same time, and then manually telling it to use HDMI.  It tries to switch, then pops back to component, without ever putting a signal over the HDMI cable.

I would have called support, but they’re closed for the day.  Maybe tomorrow.

Welcome to the forum.

You still can’t rule out the cable – just because it works with one device doesn’t mean it will work with all.  At least make sure it’s a major brand and 1.4 compliant.

I have chekced with all the wires were available at the shop!

Now next thing is to borrow a WD from my friend and try to test with TV. Will update as soon as I do it.


Yes, that would be an excellent test.

If his unit also has problems then you might try the beta firmware for your unit (which attempts to address various HDMI issues between certain TVs and the Live).


It is working flawlessly with other WD device! So this is the specific proplem of mine WD device:angry:

Will go tomorrow to dealer and try to make a complain with it.


Before you complain, check the firmware version on the other device versus what you have on yours (it could be a simple matter of either upgrading or downgrading your firmware).

both of them are running at 1.02.21. Even I downgraded mine to previous version but nothing positive!


Yesterday my seller replaced the WD player and the new one is working perfectly with my TV! Finally this problem solved. Thanks to Klick Estonia.

Glad you’re back up and running.

thanks my friend!

I finally fixed my HDMI connection issue between my WD Live Media Player and my Sony Bravia TV.  In the past weeks, I tried all solutions on the web and googled as many as I could.   Enlightened by a post somewhere on the web where someone said it could be the TV issue not WD issue.  Indeed! My issue was due to TV, not WD Live Media Player.  Cheers!  My WD Live Media Player was saved from being smashed by angry me with a hammer.

Solution: Download the most updated firmware from your TV website.  In my case, as soon as I installed my Sony Bravia firmware KDL-46S504_ER412_E229.  HDMI is back!!

Hope it helps.

Please explain how it was a tv issue, and what you did to correct the issue.  It might help others.