WD media player endless rebooting

I have the latest media player model. I’ve narrowed down the problem to when the ethernet port to my network is connected when i disconnect the player boots up. It worked fine a few days ago before i upgraded my router to the Linksys 1900 ACS. I have the actual media player connected via ethernet to a RE6500 Range extender for better speed. Everything else on my network works and connects fine just the media player. Not sure what to do here anything would be a big help.

What happens if you wait for the unit to boot and then proceed to connect the Ethernet cable and set a static configuration? Does it reboot afterwards?

I had to reset to factory default settings and restart the player without the Ethernet cable plugged in. That allowed the player to boot in to dashboard. But as soon as i plug the Ethernet in it just starts rebooting again.

I’ve actually narrowed it down further to some sort of conflict with the RE6500 Range extender. I was troubleshooting and decided to just turn off the Range extender completely and try to connect via wireless to the 1900ACS router and it worked but the signal was weak/slow, because of the distance which is why i have the Range extender. After the Media player was connected to the router, i then plugged the range extender back in and turned in on. So far so good everything still worked then connected the Ethernet back into the media player, from the Range Extender. Still worked and seemed to have the signal strength and speed of the RE6500. Then the final test was to restart the player to see if this was a permanent fix and it wasn’t. Started endlessly rebooting again, so it has some sort of conflict with RE6500. Not sure where to go from here though.

I to have this endless rebooting. This is what I know.

Firmware v1.02.17.

Even after factory reset, the WD TV will reboot every time, on the connecting network screen. I also tried turning off the autoupdate check, with out success.

I can confirm that if the device has no network connection the device will boot up correctly.

If after booting up, when I plug the ethernet cable in the system will hang, then reboot.

I did found one work around that when the device is configured with a manual IP address and Subnet mask with no Default Gateway + no DNS, therefor preventing the WDTV from accessing to the internet the device is able to boot up correctly.

I am still trying to find out what can be done to allow the WD TV to boot up and access internet content.