WD Media Player and AVR

I just upgraded my AVR to a Denon AVR 791 with 4 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output. On my older receiver, I had connected the HDMI from the WDTV to the TV and the optical audio to the receiver. I am trying to connect the WDTV (both audio and video) only to the AVR via a single HDMI (of course, HDMI output to TV). For whatever reason, I am not able to detect the WDTV (no video). Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your input!

Just wanted to add that I also tried connecting HDMI directly to TV (again) and it works. However, the AVR does not seem to be detecting the optical audio, as well. In other words, the AVR (Denon AVR 791) does seem to play well with the WDTV. I had no problems with the optical audio and my older (11 years old) receiver. Puzzling…

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Instead of letting the Live set HDMI output to “auto”, try manually setting it to whatever resolution you want (the highest your TV will support).  It’s possible the handshaking the Live does via HDMI isn’t working with your new AVR.

You may have already done this, but make sure you configure the Denon’s INPUTs.   Many AVRs don’t assign inputs to all the rear-panel devices.   My Pioneer is like that, only one of the three HDMIs is “enabled” by default.

Same holds true for the digital inputs.

Just to update: I adjusted the audio setting from ‘digital’ to ‘stereo’ and that worked (video is still going directly to the TV). I’ll try one of the suggested solutions and ensure the digital audio input is enabled. Maybe that will work. If that works, I will also check to see that all HDMI inputs are enabled…if I find out that one of them wasn’t enabled, I may try to hook up the HDMI from the WDTV back into the receiver again. Thanks for the suggestions!