WD Media Live Streaming Media Player can't see new WD Elements 2tb hard drive

I have just purchase a new external WD Elements 2tb hard drive USB3.  I reformatted the drive to a fat32 as I am using a mac, however the media player won’t detect it?

I have tried the hard drive on a friends Kaiser Baas media player and it works on that, however the Kaiser doesn’t support all the formats.

Is there something I need to do with the external hard drive to get it to work with the WD Media Player?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Firstly why format to FAT32 ? *   FAT32 has a filzesize limitation of 4GB  (if you have any movies over that … then you won’t be able to copy them onto the HDD)

All of My 1TB, 2TB, 3TB WD Elements drives are formatted NTFS.

If you’re using a MAC try the WD Quick Formatter Tool and format the WD 2TB Elements to HFS+


* The only valid reason (i suppose) is if you plan to use the drive with a video game console (PS3 / XBOX360)

which only support FAT32

Sorry I was under the impression that Macs couldn’t write to NTFS formats, read only.  That is why I formatted the drive to a fat32.  I initially trail exFat but none of the media players could read it.

Sorry, yes you’re correct no NTFS on Mac … but   HFS+ (Mac)  is fine, the WDTV supports it and large file sizes over 4GB

Thanks for your suggestion.  However after reading what a HFS+ is, Windows would not be able to read or write to this hard drive.

The reason I went with the Fat32 is so I can use the drive on both Windows & OSX operating systems.

However, I don’t see why the media player can’t see the hard drive.  It does state that it supports Fat32 formats.  Is it the size of 2tb, or maybe the USB3?

Ok, now you say you want Windows support as well  (you did’nt say that in your OP)

Sorry, can’t help with FAT32 and Dual OS Support  …

I tried FAT32 with 4GB -32GB flashdrives … they work fine with the WDTV

(but have never formatted a 1TB ~3TB HDD in FAT32)

My 8 WD Dirves (Elements, My Books) 1TB ~ 3TB, USB2 ~ USB3 all NTFS  all work fine with the WDTV.

Sorry, can’t help  :cry:    anyone ?

There are NTFS utilities for Mac, such as Paragon, which IIRC, are free for home use.

Paragon stuff all looks like Payware to me ?  :neutral_face:


Looks like they’re charging for Yosemite, but Snow Leopard support is free…


I didn’t nose around too much, there may be a free license for home for Yosemite, too…  Never needed to worry about it.  :)