WD MCM connection to Dashboard over browser doesn't respond


For 2 days my WD MCM doesn’t let me to connect over browser to the admin panel. When I try to connect to, where the machine is I receive this message:

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

But when I connect to the app I see all the content on the machine. Any ideas why is that and how can I connect again as admin on the dashboard?

I’ve tried the reset button on the MCM and still nothing.

any ideas to my problem? besides the factory reset.

I would double check that your MCM is still on that IP address. If you haven’t set up a static address then the dhcp server in your router may have assigned it a different one.

If you log into the router it should have adhcp client list somewhere inside its dashboard that will tell you the currently assigned address of the MCM.

hey, thanks as always for the quick answer :smiley:

I’ve tried all ports (1-30) yesterday and didn’t work any, but today it worked with port 17. This is super strange… and yes i have dynamic address. Maybe in the end that was the problem.

Personally for a NAS I’d always recommend a static address. You can set that up either on the MCM itself out usually most routers can do it too. The router way is often simpler, but it varies from router maker to router maker.