WD MBWE is not very reliable


Simple enough to install and visible om my network - mixture of iMacs with OSX 10.6 and Windows (Win 7 Home Premium).  Simpel to log into, connect external USB drive etc.  Problem is that it is not reliable to copy files to or cut and paste files from.

I am copying folders Gbytes at a time and I continually get 'can’t access file try again or cancel messages.  When trying to copy or even cut large files from the MBWE to my PC it seems to start the process then nothing.  A window saying preparing opens then closes then nothing.  Nothing copied.  I can run those files from the MBWE so the files appear to be just fine. I can’t even delete files (although I can move them about the MBWE)

My fear is that I can copy files to the MBWE but I can’t delete them once they are there!  The only way to cull seems to be to format the drive!  I am running the latest firmware (performed via the update function)

So it seems to work fine to ‘backup’ files but as a standard file system it is pretty useless.




I am now getting a lot of “insufficient quota” errors when trying to copy files to the MBWE.  I have an i7 8gb RAM Qosion laptop moving files from its second hard drive.  Is this a Windows 7 issue or the MBWE?




Read read this thread  http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-World-Edition/WD-World-Edition-white-light-freezes-locks-up/td-p/99198

Good luck M