Wd MBL vanished from the home net!


In this discussion I wrote about the solution


but after sleeping one night, MBL has vanished from My Computer!

I am totally unable to see this harddrive on My Computer!

It is not there with Ethernet wire, neither without Ethernet wire.

I have no contact to MBL any more!

Yesterday I saved all the photos there, now it is unimpossible to reach them!

I truely cannot understand this!

Those numbers and ip addresses WD phone support gave me yesterday worked then,

but no more.

What has happened!?

How to solve this?

Thank You!

Hello, try pressing the reset button on the back of the my book for 4 seconds, you can also use WDlink to see if you can find it on your network. 


Based on the chronology of your posts, your MBL wasn’t SLEEPING, you had actually shut it off.