WD MBL 3tb transfer rates from share to share

So the thing is when I download from my MBL to my internal HDD in my PC, I get between 65-75 MB/s.

But when I upload something I get around 25-30 MB/s

Then the stranges part: When I move/copy between shares it’s only happening at 15-18 MB/s. But this should be “instant” because its bacically the same drive, or did I misunderstand how shares work?

Files I tested with all mkv’s at around 4-5 gb each.

My setup is like the image


If a file is moved from a share toanother, the MBL is almost completely blocked/unaccecible while performing the write process/move. Eg. It is veeery slow for it to even create a new dokument (ms word).

Is this working as intended or is there some setting I could improve in the box via settings?

You might want to check the following thread, for some suggestions you can try.


Edit: Thanks for sharing  Chaos311.

This is the same as I see when copying between shares.

What is happening is the data is being read from your drive to the PC, then copied back from the PC to the drive. Which is why your datarate is half of its slowest one way speed. 30/2=15.

The only way to not have your PC as the middle man would be to run the copy from the device via SSH.