WD MB WE 2 and PS3 Thumbnails Very Slow

Hi All,

Have just purchased a WD My Book World Edition 2 (2Tb) configured in a Raid 1.  Am accessing it primarily through my PS 3.  It streams music and video flawlessly, however when I try to view photos it becomes unuseable.  

The PS 3 wants to create a thumbnail for each photo and it is taking about 30-60 seconds per thumbnail.  

PS 3 firmware is up to date as is the My Books.  

I suspect it is something to do with the twonky media server but cannot see any place there to adjust settings for jpgs etc.

Any adivce or suggestions would be welcome.

Note: viewing photos by PC or via an XBox 360 is fine.  It is only via the PS 3.

Config Below:



Device Name MyBookWorld
Version 01.02.06 with MioNet 
built on Thu Oct 21 10:19:41 CST 2010
Date & Time Sat, 16 Apr 2011 18:34:22
System Uptime 6 days, 21:50
IP Address
DataVolume Usage  8%  Free space: 851.18 GB
DataVolume RAID Type Mirror

Hi there, since this only happens on your PS3 and not your 360 then I don’t think a setting on the MBW will change it, it can actually start affecting the 360… What about the PS3 settings? o.o


Yes I did of course try that first but there are no settings on the PS 3 that allow you to configure anything to do with the photos.  I had hoped to simply turn off the thumbnails but no joy on that.

Thanks for the suggestion though.