WD M2 2280 Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD - 500 GB

I am new here in this community and want to make sure if this product, WD M2 2280 BLUE 3D NAND SATA SSD - 500 GB be able to run on my desktop which is Hewlett Packard #870-119 (** OMEN Gaming Desktop**). I have contacted the support both with Western Digital and Hewlett Packard about the SSD. And they are not sure about this if this product can run on my desktop or not. I am very surprised to see this because they should know about this. Anyway I have decided to ask here to see if anyone know with this product can run on my desktop or not? My question about the SSD is the port and I see there are three different ports like " B key " or " M key " or " B and M key ". That is why I am not sure how do I recognize the key for the port of M.2 SSD on my motherboard which is HP #870-119 (OMEN Gaming Desktop). How will I find this to make sure that is compatible between the WD M.2 SSD and my desktop?

Your help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

John Mackay

John, I was wondering if the smaller SSD would work on my Dell laptop and could not find an answer as well. A guy in my office suggested I buy from Amazon and if it doesn’t work, send it back which is easy. I bought from Amazon and it worked, so I didn’t have to send it back. Sorry this isn’t much help, but my case ended up positive. Maybe yours will too. Good luck.