WD Logo icon

I formatted my WD elements external drive. How do I reload the WD icon files

WD used to have a download link to it eg. WD Icon Pack … but it’t not there anymore (that i could see ?)

Anyways, did some digging (aka. Googling) and found it on a Chinese site, so i uploaded it to mediafire.

1. Download and unzip this zip

2. Now, place the AUTORUN folder and a AUTORUN.ini file in the root of your harddrive eg.

3. Safely Remove your harddrive and plug back in … and TADA

(to test … i used my Sandisk FlashDrive, and as you can see, it works) :slight_smile:

The logo looks a bit brighter than i remember … but just google for any logo you like and replace it.

Just make sure it’s 32x32 resolution and named WDLOGO.ico and place it in the AUTORUN folder