WD livewire + WD livebook Duo

Hello !

I have connected a livewire unit to my modem, and then attached another to my PC. The utility says the connection rate = 143 mbps (Newly built house)

When I attach my livebook duo to another livewire, situated on the same floor but in another room, (the utility says the connection rate = 104mb/s for that livewire box) The transfer rate between my pc and the livebook duo is only 4 mb/s when moving files over to it.

I then attached the livebook duo into the same livewire box attached to my PC … the transfer rate goes up to 10mb/s. Are my expectations too high? I’ve had a look around but can’t see many situations of a Livebook duo + livewire setup and what speeds people get. Surely it should be getting 40+ mb/s at least?

My router is a horrible Sky one … is that something that is slowing the whole thing down (please excuse my lack of knowledge!) Am i doing something wrong? What speeds should I get?

Many thanks for your time!

EDIT - When i attach the livebook directly into the computer, it gets 45 mb/s *

The files being moved are 25mb Raw files, so they should transfer quite quickly? Its not as if the files are 100’s of very small files *

When you say “mbps” or “mb/s” what are you talking about?  Megabytes Per Seconds? Which should be MBps.  Or, Megabits Per Second? Which should be Mbps, which is the way it’s reported in the Livewire Utility.

First, in my experience the utility is not a very good indicator of the actual throughput.  Only by timing the transfer of a file can you find out what the rate truly is.  Or, look at the Copy Files dialog box while the file is copying.  If there is a little arrow in that box which says “More details”, click it - it will then show the transfer rate in MBps.  MBps x 8 = Mbps.  (e.g. if the file is transferring at 10 MBps that equals 80 Mbps which is pretty fast for the WD Livewire adaptors.)

Hopefully getting the MBps vs Mbps numbers straight will help.


Thanks for your reply, and apologies for my incorrect typos! 

I did indeed mean megabytes per second.

When my Livebook Duo is directly attached to my computer, A 3.8 GB video file transfers at 44.7 MB/s taking less than 1 minute.

When my Livebook Duo is attached into the same livewire box that feeds my computer internet it drops to 9.45 MB/s taking nearly 8 minutes. 

Is this normal?

Should say that it took " about 60 seconds " and about 7 mins 30 seconds " in the More info section.

Sorry to keep posting,

Can’t see the option to edit my other posts. So just to confirm … 10MB/s is about what I should expect whilst transferring to my livebook Duo through Livewire.

In my experience 9.45 MBps (75.6 Mbps) would be *very* good for the Livewire adapters.  (Although, 3.8GB in 7:30 would be 8.44 MBps but maybe the difference is in network overhead).  That speed should pretty well handle 1080p and 7.1 sound.

From what I’ve read, anything in the 40-50 Mbps (5-6 MBps) range is pretty typical real-life expectations.

As you probably know, the Livewire is rated at 200Mbps and the newer adapters are 500Mbps (and even a couple of gigabyte adapters are available).  I also own a pair of Netgear 500 Mbps adapters and see ~100-120 Mbps realtime throughput with them but see virtually no difference when streaming video from, say, Netflix.  As a matter of fact, I mostly use 2 Livewire adapters and one of the Network adapters together.  This reduces the network throughput to 200 Mbps (in theory) at the Netgear adapter but, in my case, the four ports on the remote Livewire adapter is more useful to me than the higher speed of the Netgear adapter.

Powerline adapters are not ideal if your primary use is transferring large files - much better suited for connecting a remote computer to the Internet or for streaming.  At least that’s my opinion - yours may differ and be equally valid :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

I wanted the convience of being able to put some backup drives in the attic where I had a couple of spare sockets. I obviously fell for the 200 mb/s … thinking I would be able to transfer to a NAS drive through electric sockets at 40MB/s + … The capital B makes all the difference obviously. Should have researched it better + paid more attention to the small print. My bad!

I guess it’s not a big problem, given that I don’t actually need access to the files, they are only there as a backup incase the hard drives in my computer fail.


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