WD Livewire Problems

I bought the WD Livewire. It worked for a couple of months and now suddenly it stopped working. It does not sync up. I tried everything in the manual. I switched the boxes. Reset it and also tried it in new outlets. It just does not sync. I raised a support call but did not get a response. I then the call the Europe support line and was coolly told that one of the device could be broken and the only return I could get it from local distributor (I bought it in the UAE) if I had proof of purchase. They do not ship RMA units outside Europe. The device seems to be prone to this problems. I have seem couple of references to similar problems in various forums. Watch out before you buy it.

Did you tried connecting both of them to the same outlet?

Yes. I did that. I also had my circuit breaker panel reset. I also removed other device plugged to some other outlets in the house to eliminate any change or interference.


Plug them both into an extension cord (not a power strip) that is NOT plugged in.

If they still don’t work, then one of the two units is bad.