WD Livewire PLC-Link on but no connection

I recently move to a new house and I am trying to install my 4 units of Livewire, if I keep them on the same room, there is no problems and PLC-Link is on and stable, but when I begin spreading them on the house (the reason I need them), PLC-Link remains on, but there is no network connection.

I cannot manage to get an IP address if I plug the windows 7 laptop to the livewire box on the living room (for example).

I did hard reset on all the boxes and still the same problem.

I plugged them directly on the wall on the studio, but near the plugs I have the peak suppressor for the Lap top and the TV (do not think it can affect that much) on the living room I have another peak suppressor for the A/V receive.

When I plug them to the wall PLC led turns on few seconds and then off (typical case), then I go to the Live wire utility, add all the passwords and then ask to create a private network applicable to all the devices with password captured, like this I manage to get PLC led on stable, but there is no connection.

Because of that I believe its a matter of software (config) rather than bad wiring since PLC led is on and stable.

Please someone that can give me any idea, I spent already a week trying to fix it.

Hi, just in case, did you tried disconnecting the peak suppressor?

Thanks!, yes, i did it and no effect