WD Livewire not working at ALL

I just bought the WD Livewire yesterday and spent roughly 4 in total trying to get it working.

The PLC light is on outta the box, on the other end i can ping different sites and receive responses, but timing out is a common occurrance, regardless the connection is so slow browsing is impossible, the connection times out everytime, im yet to successfully open a website.

I then installed the WD utility that came with the devices onto my computer, i receive one of two errors, one: HomePlug Adapter NOT DETECTED (the one thats connected to the socket only, not the router), two: “error reading nmk from device” when it is actually detected, thus setup through the utility has rendered nothing.

I’ve tried numerous variations of everything, ethernet cables, power cables, various close and far electric sockets around the house, I even connected the pair to THE SAME SOCKET, and NOTHING. I’m extremely frusturated please help

I would suggest you return the unit since youve tried everything. It sound like the unit is faluty try the rma procedure.


thanks for the reply lawrence

believe it or not, i tried em at a friends place and viola! they worked like a charm, through a stablizer and through an extension. I guess my place’s wiring is just really bad or something, or cosmic retaliation for something i’ve done in the past.

Again, thank you for your time