WD Livewire - How to improve powerline network speed?

Other than @smallnetbuilder advise which provide 5 way to improve the powerline network speed;

is they any other method?

I’ve googled but can’t find any. Thanks to Saluki for posting the practical solution at WD forum. I hope to buy it if it available (hey, WD: why don’t you put it inside WD Livewire version 2!)

Watch 11:20 onward, the result is amazing (~137Mbps) while streaming Big Bug Bunny (1080p).

The called it " #surestreamer"!




Hi Zero-one,

Small net builder site is a great place to search for gadgets reviews and evaluation. You are welcome Zero-one. We will be looking forward that WD could consider incorporating the Surestreamer into their WD Livewire, so everyone would be able to stream HD without lagging or buffering.  I will surely be happy to be one of the 1st few to queue up for this great innovation/invention.