WD Livewire Connection

I am having trouble getting my XBox to show up as a connected device in the WD Livewire Utility screen.  It appeared when I synced the 2 adapter boxes in the same room.  However, when I brought the XBox downstairs and tried to sync again, nothing happened and I could not even get a steady light on the PLC-Link.  The 1st adapter is hooked up to my Neatgear N600 Wireless Router which is connected to my PC.  The 2nd adapter is connected to the XBox.  I should note that on my very first attempt to link them, the XBox showed up for a few minutes but I was unable to get an internet connection via the XBox. Now it doesn’t even show up at all. Both adapters are plugged directly into a power outlet. I also tried rebooting the router. Any suggestions on what to do would be greatly appreciated.

If you connect another device, to the second WD Livewire, the device have Internet access?  Also, how is your Xbox network settings? Automatically or manually?