Yesterday I bought a WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit, modelt# WDBABY000NBK-NESN at local BestBuy.  So far, the kit hardware seems to be running fine: On my 25Mbps cable router feed into one 4-port Livewire unit at one end of the house, the 4-port unit 150ft away at the other end of the house (on different subpanel) outputs aprox 12Mbps (down) & 1.4Mbps (up) to my laptop.

HOWEVER, when I attempted to run Setup.exe on the included WD LiveWire Setup CD, ThreatFire blocked the install process and quarantined an embedded Trojan known as “Trojan.Malagent.AGJ”.  It happened so quickly that I’m unsure if that trojan is in the Setup.exe, or the associated WinPcap installer, or in the WDSetup.exe file.  The F:\Setup.exe on the CD is version dated 9/14/2008, the F:\WD_Windows_Tools\WDSetup.exe file is version (same as printed on the CD) dated 6/10/2010, and the F:\WD_Windows_Tools\WDLivewire\WDLivewireSetup.exe (apparently a self-extracting compressed file) has no version but is dated 6/7/2010.  I have Auto-Run disabled (as everyone should) to prevent any CD boot-sector malware from automatically transferring itself to my laptop (memory or hard drive).  ThreatFire ant-malware seemed to interced as the WinPcap install was running, but I ca’t be sure (all happened too fast).

Instead I downloaded the compressed “LivewireUtility_1.0.3.005.zip” file from WDsetup_1.0.3.005.exe from WD Support.  That zipp contains WDSetup_1.0.3.005.exe dated 6/17/2010 and WinPcap_4_1_1.exe dated 11/13/2009.  I ffirst ran WinPcap.exe and the WDSetup.exe - both installed fine

Western Digital should investigate the CDs they are shipping in this Kit.

Just in case, you don’t really need to install the utility. The Livewire can work fine without it. 


Yes I am aware that I didn’t need to install the utility - for normal, default use. However, I wanted to explore the options to setup a more secure private WD Livewire network, modify default passwords (partly so that I can “see” the WDL 4-port switch at the other end, etc., etc. Those configurations REQUIRE the utility to be installed.

At any rate, the primary reason I posted this thread is to make WD - AND OTHER USERS- aware of the nasty TROJAN on their CD, and to push WD to FIX their CD.