WD Livewire and Dlink Mac Adress filtering

My WD Livewire only works if I TURN OFF Mac Address Filtering on my Dlink DIR-655 router.

I tried entering the Mac Addresses of both Livewire units into the allowed Mac Address list in the router setup but it doesn’t help.  Does anyone know how to fix this?

Once I turn Mac Address Filtering I get no network connection.  Viewing the logs for my router I see

messages like:  Access denied to LAN system with MAC address 001E8C3A5D27

That Mac Address corresponds to the computer I am trying to connect with the Livewire adapters.

Thank You.

Also, is it just me?, the installation utility screen buttons right at the start are unreadable on my both of my Win 7 64 bit systems.  All I see is a blank button with no words like “Cancel” or “Next”.  I just tried both and one proceeds to install the utility.

Hi Dlcan

I am also running Win7-64 bit and can confirm your experience with not seeing text on the buttons in the install utility. 

I have not enabled MAC address filtering on my wired network (only for wireless network) so I have not run into your problem.

I’m interested if you have been able to enter the password of the remote Livewire device, using the Livewire Utility?

Yes, I have been able to type in the password but with some difficulty.  If I remember correctly I had to enter it multiple times for it to finally get accepted.  Seems to be buggy.  I’ve since returned the WD Livewire.

Although now I have a different router so I might want to try it again someday.

Wireless doesn’t work well in my area and the Livewire is still problematic, need a more perfect world :smiley: