WD Livewire across breakers?

Looking to use the Livewire from my house to my shop, and it would need to go through at least 4 breakers in the process.  None are GFCI, but I cannot tell if they are AFCI.  Will it even work?  House/shop built in 2006, if that helps.  Don’t really care about speed reduction, I am just using the web and email out there.  Thanks!

Arc-fault breakers can seriously impact the performance, but some online test results of other HomePlug AV products behind AFCI’s did show that they can work.


The tested product wasn’t WD, but it was HomePlug AV compliant.

Other sources:


which has an interesting quote:

_AFCI circuit breakers can harm HomePlug signals depending on the design of the breaker. If the design has an inductor in front of the power supply bridge, there is little if any impact on HomePlug signals. 

Square D  and  Eaton  AFCIs have this arrangement and are very HomePlug-friendly; it is fortunate that these brands have a large market share. Some other manufacturers (such as Siemens ) have a capacitor in front and this is detrimental to HomePlug signals._

Thanks for the help, it appears I have CH/Eaton breakers and I will give the Livewire a chance.