WD Live with MBL as media server


My WDTV Live doesn’t recognise my WD My Book Live (2TB) network drive as a media server. When I select this source from the WDTV Live menu, nothing appears as available.

I have checked my drive, and my ‘share’ is set to all types of media (the default setting).

It’s not a massive problem as it’s connected as a network share, but I’m assuming there is som functionality I’m missing out on. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this?

I’m quite new to the WD equipment and networking and any advice would be appreciated.


Yep; In addition to setting the SHARE setting for Media, you must also explicitly enable the Media Server itself by going into the MBL’s webpage, then go to SETTINGS / MEDIA / and make sure TWONKY SERVICE is CHECKED.

If it already is, you can also try to bring up the TwonkyUI on the MBL

http://(name or ip of the mbl):9000

The :9000 part goes to the TWONKY UI instead of the MBL’S UI.

Thanks, I have checked both these things now and nothing seems to be incorrect. The Twonky page points to the correct part of my drive and has visibility of all my media.

However, I notice that my MBL firmware is only version 1.5 or something and that there is a more up to date version 2.0. I will upgrade this and check whether it makes a difference.



Wondered if anyone might be able to help me please?

I have now updated my firmware on the mybook live. Wdtv also running latest firmware. The wdtv now recognises the mybook-twonky as the media server which it didn’t do previously. Although the interface etc is the same and it looks to me like it was using the media server interface despite selecting network share as the input (selecting network share now means I have to navigate through more directories to get to my videos) .

However, now intermittantly, I get a message saying ‘content source has been removed, please choose new source’. I then have to re-select media server>mybook-twonky. I tried a factory reset and it still persists.

Obviously, this is rather irritating. Has anyone else had this problem and managed to resolve it?


I am having similar problems with a new MBL and trying to stream to my WDTV Live. I thought sticking to WD products was a sure way for them to work seamlessly. I was wrong.

I updated the MBL to the latest firmware yesterday and now am trying to stream media files. The WDTV Live says no shared media even though the MBL dashboard confirms that the twonky service has shared both music and video files.

anyone any ideas?