WD live wire connection problems

Installed the basic LiveWire kit on the same floor (just the closest room next to my study) and the two devices immediately found each other and started communicating with good bandwidth (over 100Mbps)

The other Livewire is connected to a switch with an Apple TV , a streamer and a PC - all recieving internet connection and surfing is seamless.

However, I cannot connect the devices any other network attached device, NAS or PC in my workgroup.

In win 7 network discovery sows all the network drives but non of them respond. (I have 2 x WD LiveDUO macines and 1 x self made FREENAS and 3 other PCs around the house) All of them respond well to pings on the network but non of them is accesible.

Needless to say if I connect this wth my 20m CAT 5e cable everything works just fine

any suggestions?


Hello, do you get any error message when you try to access the other devices on the network? 


Well, on the WD Live DUO - the device is discovered but not accesible - I doulbe click it and nothing happens.

When I try the same in Freenas I get after a short while a widows messege that the network path is invalid.

By the way I read in the instructions that the network name has to fit the entire network (e.g. WORKGROUP) maybe changing that can that help?