Wd live will not go to any of my movie folders

I just got a wdlive and have it connected to my computer through a linksys router. I used the wired connection to take out any wireless problems for now. I have 3 hard drives in my computer running win7 64bit. I can access some folders on my 2 extra drives but i also have ripped my movie collection on them using clonedvd and it puts them in vob. files. For some reason the wdlive will not bring up any of my movie folders. But will bring up my music and pics on the same drives. I can put the movies on a usb drive and it plays them and finds them just fine. Any insite? thanks

also it will not recognize my main coputer (win7 one) as a network share, only as a media server… i did fire up my other computer and it recognizes it as a network share and i am able to access my movies and play them on that computer no problem. it  is running win xp pro.

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(Windows Live assistant would be my guess, but follow all those steps).