WD Live TV WIFI problems


I have a WD Live TV box that does have WIFI I used to use until I moved the box to a location where i then used a wired connection. I now need to use it again on WIFI and when I try to scan for WIFI I only get my Roku and my Sony Tv to show up no routers at all.

If I try to scan with my phone I see about 6 - 10 routers. Any Ideas?

My Setup

D-Link DIR 615 router.
WD Live with firmware 2.02.32
Model # WDBHG70000NBK

Things I have tried: A factory reset.
I tried downgrading to 2.01.86
a factory reset of that too.

But no luck with any of this.


Are you sure Network setup page shows you not still in Wired setup, but in Wireless setup? If OK, maybe you have very poor Wi-Fi reception at the location. If you have an Android device, inastall free app “Wi-Fi Analyzer”, and at the WDTV location look at the signal strength of your router – is it one of the best you see? You can also use Wi-Fi Analyzer to show you the least crowded Channel to put your router on. That helps, too.


Thank you for answering. I am sure I am in the correct screen and I do have good WIFI signal. When I try to setup wireless all I see is my tv and Roku which I believe to be on WIFI Direct. If I can see them I would think I should see the routers in the area too. I have even tried setting up a hot spot with phone and it didn’t show up. When I run WiFi analyzer with my phone I see about 6 - 10 routers.

Do you know if there is a self diagnostic mode to that could be run to see if all works. Also is it posible to turn off WiFi Direct I turned off Miracast already.


Sorry, can’t help you further since I don’t have your exact model. Give a call to WD Support and try to get past level 1 person politely asap and ask to speak with a level 2 person.

? :neutral_face: